Where will the Water on my Driveway drain to?

Make sure the driveway design is laid out so water flows out to the street and off of the asphalt driveway completely.
To ensure proper drainage we use an instrument called a laser level. The laser level will read the pitch of the driveway.
The pitch is the difference in elevation between two points. This information is used when we are grading the base for water drainage. You want to have a pitch greater than 1% meaning per 100 feet of distance there is a 1 foot drop in elevation on your driveway. If this is not possible the water will have to be redirected and a new strategy will be implemented. If you are currently experiencing drainage issues excavation work will probably need to take place to fix your driveway. It will involve a tear out of your current driveway and the removal of dirt to control the water path. A new asphalt driveway will be installed that will control the drainage.

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